USFS crews assess damages, dangers as Trinity County fires die down

Sep 3, 2015 12:16 PM by News Staff

Firefighters have gained the upper hand on a series of lightning fires burning in Trinity County, but United States Forest Service crews still have work to do on the more than 200,000 acres of charred land.

The fires aren’t out, but Burned Area Emergency Response or BAER teams are trekking in to charred areas to perform soil tests that will determine the possible runoff damage from storms as we move into the winter months.

When an at risk piece of land is identified, barriers and culverts will be installed, but the overall recovery process could take three to five years.

Most of the work is being done on Forest Service lands, but residents should also protect their property from rain.

Officials say their actions moving forward will be determined as the test results come in.


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