US Doctor treated Zika Mom

May 16, 2016 6:44 PM by NBC News

Author of an important case study in the New England Journal of Medicine that appears to confirm what was only a suspected link between Zika and a tragic birth defect called Microcephaly.

It’s said that this form of the disease is causing babies to be born with deformed tiny heads and severe neurological damage, said Director of Maternal Fetal Medicine at Sibley Dr. Rita Driggers.

Dr. Drigger’s patient and her husband got Zika from the dreaded aegis egytae mosquito while traveling in November.

What was alarming was early ultrasounds of the fetus looked OK but just a couple of weeks later there was clearly terrible trouble developing in the fetal brain and a difficult decision to make.

The result of what Driggers called a heroic decision by the parents to abort was groundbreaking science a confirmation that Zika was almost certainly related.

And now a very worried doctor who fears this is just the beginning right here in the US.


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