Upper Park Road Partially Opens Tomorrow

Apr 22, 2013 4:20 PM

The City of Chico announced today portions of Upper Park Road will open tomorrow. Parks staff completed short-term repairs and installed signs on the unpaved portions of Upper Park Road past Horseshoe Lake in Upper Bidwell Park.

The road sustained considerable damage from heavy rainfall in December. The road was graded last week to redistribute the existing road base. In recent years, Chico’s city budget has not allowed for the purchase of gravel to replenish the road base.

Even with the repairs, sections of the road, especially between Day Camp and Bear Hole, are only wide enough to allow one vehicle at a time, and drivers are cautioned to stay below the maximum speed limit of 15 mph to navigate the rough road and share it with pedestrians and bicyclists.

Upper Park is closed on Sundays and Mondays and during any rainy or wet weather conditions. The section of road past the Diversion Dam Gates will remain closed until further repairs can be completed.

More information and further Park news can be found at www.ci.chico.ca.us


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