Update On California's Drought Status

Jul 10, 2014 12:52 PM by Cort Klopping

The National Weather Service out of Sacramento has issued it's latest update on the state's drought status, and the figures are dismal. The drought monitor runs on scale of D-0, through D-4. D-0 would indicate that it is an abnormally dry year, D-1 indicates a moderate drought, D-2 indicates a severe drought, D-3 indicates a extreme drought, and D-4 indicates a exceptional drought.

For the first year since the inception of the current rating system in 2000, California has areas that have been classified as D-4. Not only does the Golden State have areas that are classified as being in the worst category of drought conditions, but those areas cover 36.46% of California. That means more than a third of the state is in an exceptional drought.

Most of the north state is currently classified as D-3, with the exception of portions of Trinity, Shasta, Siskiyou, Plumas, and Lassen Counties, which are under D-4 criteria. Currently 42.51% of the state is included in the D-3 category, and 21.03 is included in the D-2 category. There are currently no areas of the state under the D-1, or D-0 categories.

Image Courtesy of The National Weather Service of Sacramento


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