UPDATE: Friday's road closures

Dec 12, 2014 11:18 AM by News Staff

There are still quite a few roads in the North State covered in standing water, here is a list of current road conditions:

Tehama County:
Per CHP; I-5 at South Avenue is now open. As with all roadways there is still some water on I-5 drivers are cautioned to drive slow and be cautious.
Per CHP: South Avenue from Hwy 99E to Hwy 99W is still CLOSED. There is water running across the roadway making it still hazardous.
Per CHP: Gyle Road through the City of Tehama is still CLOSED.
Per CHP: Hwy 99E to Antelope Blvd is open, however, there is some standing water at Electric Avenue. Drivers are cautioned to drive slowly at Electric Avenue.
The following roads are closed:
Tyler Road at East Chard Avenue
East Chard Avenue
Campo Road
Rawson Road-between Corona Ave and Chittenden-Now open
Rawson Road-between Dusty Way and Chard Ave-Now open
Rawson Road-between Chard Ave and Probert-Now open
Paskenta Road-North of Rancho Tehama Road
Paskenta Road-from Elder Creek North
Cone Grove Road
Christian Road
Ingraham Road
Capay Road
Shasta Boulevard between 8th and 62nd
Craig Avenue
Bray Avenue
Electric Avenue
Barham Avenue at Finnell Avenue
Kauffman Avenue
Truckee Ave from Gyle Road to Dove Av-Now open e
Tehama Vina Road @Marek to Arramayo Ave
Tyler from Westover Rd to just north of Coyote Creek
Marguerite (Moon Road to South Avenue)
Kaer Avenue (Belle Mill to Royal)
Chittenden Road (Rawson to Mountain View) -Now open
Eldrid (99E to Craig)
Columbia Ave at Fig Lane
Kirkwood Ave at Fig Lane


There are currently NO Road Closures for the City of Red Bluff


Hwy 99W between Fig Lane and South Ave
Chicago Ave at Fig Lane
Meadowbrook Lane at Fig Lane
Toomes Ave between Blossom and Loleta Ave
Houghton Ave between Manzanillo Lane and Loleta Ave
Fig Lane from the RR Tracks to Houghton Avenue

Nord Gianella Road at Folsom Street
West Sacramento Avenue between Meridian Road and River Road
Wilson Landing Road between Meridian Road and Carmen Road
Rock Creek Road at Cohasset Road
Carmen Lane between Nord Highway and Wilson Landing Road
River Road between Ord Ferry Road and West Sacramento Road
Bennett Road from the railroad tracks to the end
Hamilton Nord Cana Highway between Cana Highway and Benett Road
Ord Ferry Road between 7 Mile Lane and to the Ord Bend Bridge

Central House Road between Highway 70 and Longtree Road
Central House Road between Palermo and Honcut Road and Lonetree Road
Darby Road at Low Water Crossing
Bohemia Avenue between 2487 Bohemia and Irwin Avenue
Railroad Avenue between S. Villa Avenue and Alice Avenue
Alice Avenue between Melvina and Railroad Avenue
Palermo Honcutt Highway between Central House Road and Cox Lane
Middle Honcut Road between Palermo Honcutt Highway and Highway 70
Lower Honcut Road between Laporte Rd & Hwy. 70
Lonetree Rd. between Palermo Rd. & Cox Ln.
Cox Lane between Stimpson Rd. & Hwy. 70
Colusa Hwy. from Cherokee to the County Line

According to the Caltrans, 15-mile section of Highway 162 between Willows and the junction of Highway 162 and 45 in Glenn County is closed because of flooding from swollen creeks and drainage channels

Glenn County still has more than a dozen roads closed, a full list is available here.


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