Update: Christopher McDonald Was the Father of the Dead Baby

Apr 20, 2012 2:28 PM

Despite initial reports that Chistopher McDonald was not the father of slain 11-month-old Sebastian McDonald, the boy's mother today said her boyfriend was indeed the biological father.

A week after her baby was found dead at a homeless camp off in Redding, Heather Giffords told reporters at a press conference that she told police that McDonald was not the father out of fear police would delay searching for Sebastian.

Chistopher McDonald, 23, was arrested last Thursday on suspicion of kidnapping and killing the baby. Three days later, McDonald tried to kill himself while he was in custody at Shasta County Jail. He finally died this week from his injuries.

Giffords said McDonald was abusive to her, but she would have never thought he could kill his own son.


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