UPDATE: CHP Officer Suffered "Major" Injuries

Feb 21, 2013 9:37 PM

The California Highway Patrol has not named the officer involved in a serious wreck on Highway 99 in Dairyville, but investigators will say he is in his 40's, and has been with the department for more than 2 decades. Sgt. Jeff Ross says just before 7 o'clock, the officer was in his patrol car headed south on Highway 99 through Dairyville when he got a call to respond to another emergency. He pulled over to the shoulder to make a U-Turn. Investigators say they think he had his emergency lights on, and when he pulled into traffic, he was broadsided by an SUV, also headed south. The CHP declined to say how fast the SUV was going, but the speed limit on that stretch of road is 55 miles per hour. The officer was flown to Mercy Medical Center in Redding with "major" injuries. The man and woman in the SUV were not injured. It is not clear if they were wearing their seat belts.


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