UPDATE: Cause of Death of Shasta Lake School Student Not Meningococcal Disease

Aug 30, 2013 2:12 PM

Tim Mapes, a Community Education Specialist with the Shasta County Department of Public Health has confirmed with Action News Now it was not meningococcal disease which claimed the life of a young girl who passed away after leaving Shasta Lake School sick this week.

Yesterday, The Shasta County Public Health Department and the Gateway Unified School District both speculated the cause of death was from meningococcal disease. The school district sent letters home to parents notifying them of the death. There was also information in the letter on the disease, what signs parents can look for, and how the disease is spread.

This afternoon Mapes stated the department first suspected it was meningococcal disease because of the initial symptoms the child exhibited. But after initial lab tests by the department, it has been determined meningococcal has been ruled out as the cause of death. Mapes indicated the department is still conducting lab tests to determine what exactly killed the young girl, the results of which should be ready by Tuesday.

The public forum for parents and the community at Shasta Lake School is still scheduled for 4 p.m. today at Teel Gymnasium on campus.


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