Update: Boy shot at New Mexico middle school remains in critical condition

Jan 14, 2014 11:58 AM

A boy shot by a classmate at their middle school in Roswell, New Mexico, has undergone a second surgery and a girl who was wounded is now in stable condition. New Mexico's governor says the girl has been identified as 13 year-old Kendal Sanders. The wounded boy is in critical condition.

Authorities say the two were shot when a 12 year-old boy opened fire at Berrendo Middle School yesterday morning. The state's governor says the boy pointed the gun at a teacher, who talked him into dropping the weapon. The boy was taken into custody. New Mexico state police say the shooter used a .22-gauge shotgun. Police are investigating where the boy got the gun, and they've issued search warrants for the boy's home and his bag and locker.


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