Union group unhappy with Redding City Attorney over Turtle Bay land sale

Nov 26, 2014 7:50 PM by Charlene Cheng

Today, the largest coalition of construction workers in the North State, the Northeastern California Building and Construction Trades Council voiced their concerns over the passage of Measure B, which allows for Turtle Bay land in Redding to be sold to the McConnell Foundation.

The Building Trades Council says voters were not given all the information they needed from the city attorney to make an informed decision on Measure B, and some are calling for Redding City Attorney Rick Duvernay to be put on leave.

"The city attorney should be put on paid administrative leave by the Redding City Council when it convenes at the next meeting pending a formal investigation, under gross negligence at the impartial analysis regarding Measure B," Five Counties Central Labor Council president Loel Yerion said.

Today's press conference presented evidence Duvernay was aware of a grant awarded in 1995.

It includes a 20-year provision, requiring the city to reimburse the federal agency 74% of the fair market value of the land if it's sold before June 26, 2015.

"It's not what they were told when they voted on this ballot measure. They were told that they were going to get $600,000 in compensation for selling the land, and it was sold throughout the campaign that this hotel would be able to move forward quickly," Building Trades Council president Andrew Meredith said.

He adds that they will continue to take this issue up the ladder for continued investigation, but would not disclose the specifics of their plan of action.


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