Undeliverable Tax Refunds...

Nov 19, 2010 8:27 PM

It's not everyday the government tries to give away money rather than collect it, but that's exactly what the IRS is trying to do with more than 164-million dollars in undeliverable tax refunds. "We're waiting to hear from them and this is their opportunity now to contact the Internal Revenue Service and get those dollars that belong to them" said IRS Media Relations Richard Panick.
Simple mistakes like not updating a current address with the IRS can have your refund sent right back where it came from. More than 111,000 tax payers in the U.S. are due money they may not even know about. Roughly 23-million dollars in refund money is owed to Californians, and 53 residents in Butte County currently have a check waiting for them all because of errors on their refunds. "It adds another step to the process that can be easily avoided" said Panick.
The easiest way to ensure you receive your refund is to skip the mailing process all together and choose direct deposit when filing your taxes. "When they're getting a refund they get their refund a lot quicker and it doesn't get lost in the mail" said Tommy Irvine, CPA for Matson & Isom. The IRS does it's best to contact individuals when their tax refund shows up as undeliverable, it even has a link posted on its website called "where's my refund", to see exactly what went wrong in the delivery process.


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