Uber coming to Chico?

Aug 27, 2015 10:06 PM

Could taxi-alternative Uber be coming to chico? The app that's growing in popularity, in larger cities like San Francisco, could possibly make its way to the North State. However there is no set date to launch.

In a statement released by the company, Uber Spokesperson Laura Zapata says, "For months, residents and students in Chico have been opening the Uber app and asking us to come to town. Uber is focused on bringing safe and reliable transportation options to communities across the country. We're excited about the Chico market and look forward to exploring opportunities in the future." She went on to say there are no exact dates to launch in Chico at this time.

Should Uber come to Chico, what does that mean for Local taxi service?

Gianni Caponera, a partner at liberty cab, one of the largest taxi services in Chico. They do an average of 14,000 rides per month.
He says they're ready for the competition if need be. They even have an app called "Trac my Ride" (spelled without the k).
It's available for Android or iPhone users They say its another option for those who prefer using their smart phones.


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