Two North State Post Offices Burglarized

Dec 27, 2013 6:19 PM

Like a page stolen straight out of The Grinch, the Berry Creek and Palermo post offices were both broken into sometime around Christmas.

Thieves made off with mail, medication and several packages.

“We finished up our day here on Christmas Eve at noon and one of my customers came in Christmas Day and noticed the damage,” said Palermo Post Office postmaster Joe Houseworth. “They actually physically broke into one PO Box and bent three others.”

Unfortunately for the post office, the Christmas-time break in was not caught on camera. But on Friday, postal workers were trying to make sure that didn't happen as they took matters into their own hands and tried to repair the surveillance system.

“We feel a little violated, we feel a little upset and my customers feel a bit upset,” Houseworth said. “Palemro is a small community; it’s a very tight knit and for someone to come in and do this it’s like robbing your neighbors.”

Both of these crimes are considered felonies and carry very lengthy jail time and hefty fines.


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