Two Killed in Marysville Raceway Park Accident

Mar 16, 2013 9:46 PM

Steven Blakesley was at Marysville Raceway Park watching the drivers warm up. He says around 6:00pm Saturday night, driver Chase Johnson tried to make a left turn and lost control, then ran into the left side of the opening of the pit. Blakesley says Johnson's car rode the top of the rail about 100 feet, then flew into the pit, hitting a mule and two spectators. A short time later, he saw CPR performed on two people. Blakesley says Johnson's car lost no speed as it flew at about 90 miles per hour, about 200 feet from the opening to the pit to where it finally stopped.
He adds that the main grandstands don't have a view of the pit, so fans and spectators were screaming for the control tower to stop the practice to allow emergency workers to get to the pit. Blakesley says everyone was silent as they watched the scene unfold. He says the drivers have all agreed to give up their refund for not being able to race (estimated at about $10,000) to the families of those involved.


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