Two Chico State Mothers Come Together After Loss

Sep 27, 2013 7:13 PM

As the body of Kristina Chesterman remains in Chico, the Chesterman family has returned to their home of Livermore. They've got a lot on their mind, and are in the process of arranging services next week in both Livermore and Fremont.

It's been a devastating week for the Chesterman family. Kristina's mother Sandra warned me over the phone that her thoughts may be scattered, but she was able to clearly express and reflect on the past couple of days, and what's to come moving forward.

“How many times is this going to have to happen, how many Brandon's, how many traumatic brain injuries is it going to take, how many Kristina's, how many mom's are not going to have children…”

That's the question Juline Hobbs had for the Chico community after Kristina Chesterman's death.

Late last year, her son Brandon was hit by a drunk driver just feet away from where Chesterman was.

Brandon is still recovering at the Centre for Neuro Skills in Emeryville, and working to return to a normal life.

So when Kristina Chesterman was still in critical condition earlier this week, Brandon's mom reached out to Kristina's mom.

“We definitely formed a bond and I think we're going to do great things in Chico to prevent this kind of thing from happening,” Hobbs said.

“We will be forever connected, her and I, and we're going to do what we can together to improve this thing,” Chesterman said.

On a solutions level, both mothers mentioned an increased Chico police presence....

“They don't have the help they need, they don't have that support they need,” Hobbs said.

“The fees need to be large, and that needs to be advertised to kids, like look at the consequences of a DUI,” Hobbs said.

Sandra Chesterman said the bars need to start taking responsibility, like no more dollar beer nights.

But she also said the biggest thing is getting underage drinking under control.

“[Unfortunate events in Chico] all pointed to one thing and it was underage drinking, I just feel it's out of control…” Chesterman said.

“Our family lived that pain, but we cannot imagine what that loss for their family is like--- and it's just so sad. Something has to change here in Chico,” said Jason Hall, Brandon Fisher’s cousin.

In a little more than a week, Brandon Fisher will start an internship with the construction company he was offered a job with before graduation. Juline Hobbs said the trial for Matthew Lambert should start November 4th if there aren't any more trial continuances.

Facebook Post from Sandra Chesterman:

Update on first donor recipient: One of Kristina Chesterman's kidneys went to a young father that has been on daily dialysis and is a friend of a family member. This was the only direct donor recipient (personally chosen by our family to receive this gift).

His wife said "my husband's blood levels are already coming down and he is producing substantial urine. Kristina's kidney is alive and doing great.

This brings our family great comfort during this very difficult time.


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