Twelve People Arrested on Pot Charges in Butte County in Connection With Riley Hoover

Nov 1, 2013 6:47 PM

Twelve people have been arrested on marijuana-related charges following an investigation of Riley Hoover, the man charged in the fatal DUI crash that killed Chico state student Kristina Chesterman. After finding three pounds of bubble hash in Hoover's car, Chico Police and the Sheriff's Marijuana Unit joined forces to investigate where it came from. The investigation led them to find twelve associates of Hoover growing marijuana in the Berry Creek area. Eleven people, largely from the Midwest, were arrested at three locations in Berry Creek and Chico, while a woman was arrested in Illinois. Following the arrest, police also found butane honey oil labs, parts of a bomb, and an assault weapon. Ramsey also says the group was trying to cover for the grows by saying it was for medicinal purposes.


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