Turtle Bay unveils new aquarium exhibit

Mar 16, 2015 6:38 PM by News Staff

Turtle Bay has unveiled their latest exhibit, an 800 gallon aquarium featuring animals straight from California's rocky coast.

With permission from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Turtle Bay's Aquarist, Kyle Willard, visited the coast to collect green anemones, purple urchins, blood stars, rock scallops, painted greenlings, turban snails, and strawberry anemones.

The collection of creatures now occupies one of Turtle Bay's 800-gallon tanks, where the Sacramento Perch used to be.

The rocky shore exhibit will help complete the story of the salmon life-cycle. Salmon are an important part of the local ecosystem, but only spend a very small percentage of their lives in the North State. After hatching, the salmon head down the Sacramento River to the Delta in San Francisco and then out into the ocean, where they spend the next three to four years. They then make the journey back up the river to spawn, at which time their lives come to an end.

The new exhibit demonstrates the area in which the salmon pass through on their way to the ocean. As they leave the river and enter the Bay they proceed through the rocky shore and the kelp gardens where thousands of marine life make their homes.

The exhibit is now open to the public. To learn more about the Rocky Shore exhibit and Turtle Bay hours click here.

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