Turtle Bay names new eagle

Apr 7, 2014 1:36 PM

The Turtle Bay Exploration Park is honoring local Wintu culture with the name of their new golden eagle.

Turtle Bay asked Wintu cultural practitioners Art and Michelle Garcia to help name the Golden Eagle. The name they chose is Seteweelay, which means “the one who soars”.

"We're so delighted with our new Golden Eagle, that we wanted her to have a special name that's significant to the place where she will live at Turtle Bay" said Curator of Animal Programs Sharon Clay.

The Park's newest resident is an immature Golden Eagle, believed to be about 3-years-old. She comes to Turtle Bay from the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek. The eagle was found in the Livermore area, where she was struck by a windmill. The tip of her right wing had been severed.

Seteweelay came to Turtle Bay two months after the passing of Auric, a Golden Eagle who had lived at Turtle Bay since 1999.


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