Turning Phones into Teaching Tools

Feb 26, 2013 7:07 PM

Some Chico State students are putting down the pen and paper and picking up their phones when it comes test time.
It's all part of a new program called Top Hat Monocle that allows professors to send quizzes, handouts and slideshows directly to students’ smart phones, tablets or laptops.
When a professor conducts a text message based quiz through the system, they get real-time results that help them tailor their lessons to the needs of the students.
"To me it was a way to take a big class and to have them be able to give me feedback in real-time and look at their though process," Chico State Marketing and Finance Professor Kathryn Schifferle said.
The system is currently being used in selected classes and is funded through grants.
If the program were to expand, the cost could be passed onto the students through a course fee or through a licensing agreement paid for by the university.


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