Trump picks up endorsement from 2 governors

Feb 26, 2016 9:41 PM by Staff

WASHINGTON (AP) - Donald Trump has picked up endorsements today from two Republican governors. Maine's outspoken Republican governor is endorsing Donald Trump for president.

Gov. Paul LePage announced his endorsement Friday while speaking on "The Howie Carr Show," a conservative radio talk show based in Boston. LePage called in from Florida, where he's on vacation. He says Trump "wants to make America great again" and adds Trump "is the only one doing that right now."

LePage says he hasn't spoken with Trump. He was a supporter of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie before Christie ended his presidential bid. Christie also endorsed Trump on Friday.

In making his endorsement, LePage repeated his assertion he - and not Trump - is the original bombastic politician. LePage jokes he "was Donald Trump before Donald Trump became popular."

Earlier today, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie stunned the Republican establishment by endorsing Trump. At a surprise appearance with Trump in Fort Worth, Texas, Christie said "there is no better fighter" than Trump.

That prompted Trump to unleash a string of insults at Marco Rubio, calling him "a nervous basket case" among other things. Speaking in Oklahoma City, Rubio accused Trump of "pulling the ultimate con job" after spending his business career "sticking it to working class Americans."


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