Trout Coming Out Early On Sacramento River

Apr 25, 2013 9:25 PM

It's a big week for fishermen in the North State, trout season officially kicks off on Saturday. The start of trout season is bringing fishermen of all kinds out on the Sacramento River, and the excitement is especially high for fly fishermen. Mac Noble, manager of Fish First! in Chico, has been fishing in the North State for more than 20 years and says conditions are just right for an early start to the season.

"This spring we have very little runoff and the rivers are going to be fishing for the opener. Last year, because of the high water it took a little while for those flows to come down," he says.

Noble explained the technique behind fly fishing and how it's all about finesse.

"With fly fishing it's different from bait or spin casting because the line is your weight. The thing you're throwing at the end is very light, wherein bait or spin fishing you're throwing something heavy at the end of the line that propels it out there,” says Noble.

Another important aspect of fly fishing is keeping a close eye on what the fish are feeding on. Noble says observing these kinds of trends can be crucial to a fishermen's success. With trout season getting a late start last year, Noble says people should take advantage of the fish coming out earlier.

"The small streams are really good right now, but with the lack of snow melt I would fish them in June and July. August might be a little tough with the small streams," he says.


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