Trinity County road closures and evacuation orders

Aug 23, 2015 4:08 PM by News Staff

Trinity County Sheriff’s Office has issued mandatory evacuations, voluntary evacuations and road closures for the following areas:

Fork Complex:

Mandatory Evacuations:

  • Williams Ranch area
  • Deer Lick Campground

Road Closures:

  • Rattlesnake Road
  • Kingsbury Road
  • Wildwood Road (320)
  • Highway 36

Mad River complex:

Mandatory Evacuations:

  • 1S14 Road

Voluntary Evacuations:

  • Swayback Ridge area

Road Closures:

  • Highway 36
  • Route 23
  • 2S02 Road

River Complex:

Mandatory Evacuations:

  • Denny Area
  • Dailey Area
  • Hoboken Area
  • Bell Flat Area

Voluntary Evacuations

  • Prairie Creek Road
  • French Creek Road
  • Big Mountain Road

Road Closures

  • Denny Road

Route Complex:

Road Closures:

  • Forest Service Route 1

South Complex:

Mandatory Evacutions:

  • Skunk Ranch area
  • Corral Bottom Road
  • Castle Rock Area
  • Mill Creek Road
  • Bar 717 Ranch
  • 3N46 Road

Voluntary Evacuations:

  • Wintoon Flat, Waldorf Flat, Grel Ranch and Oak Flat
  • Manzanita Ranch Area
  • Freidrich Road/Mill Creek Road

Road Closures:

  • Corral Bottom Road
  • Underwood Mountain Road
  • Intersection of Road 16 and Road 47
  • Kerlin Creek Road at Lower South Fork Road

For more information, Trinity County Sheriffs can be reached at (530)623-2611 for the most up-to-date information on evacuations and road closures.


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