Trinity Co. Public Defender charged with soliciting, drunken driving

Mar 28, 2016 1:20 PM by David McVicker

A prominent Trinity County public defender was arrested March 25 on charges of drunken driving and propositioning women with sex for money, the Trinity County Sheriff’s office announced Monday.

Derrick Riske, 67, was arrested in downtown Weaverville Friday afternoon. California Highway Patrol officers pulled Riske over where he was suspected to be under the influence of alcohol. He was arrested on site for suspicion of DUI and an outstanding warrant for soliciting.

Riske came on to the radar of the Trinity County Sheriffs after they said they had received several reports of Riske allegedly attempting to proposition women in the community with sex for money.

Sheriff’s deputies conducted an audio wire sting operation to investigate the allegations against Riske. Enough information was obtained to confirm the allegations.

In addition to the drunken driving, Riske is charged with soliciting prostitution, sexual battery, engaging and agreeing to engage in prostitution.

Riske was booked and later cited on the misdemeanor charges.

Trinity County Sheriffs said they believe there are other victims in the propositioning case. Any other victims or anyone with information is asked to contact the Trinity County Sheriff’s office.


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