Tribal faction currently in control of Rolling Hills Casino wins tribal council election, by count of 138-61

Sep 13, 2014 8:39 PM by Brian Johnson

The results are in for the Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians tribal council election.

The side currently in control of the casino (known today as slate A) won by a count of 138-61.

The election has been much-anticipated and approved by both tribal factions, including the one currently in control of Rolling Hills Casino and the side that was kicked out back in April.

And that is how the secret ballots were formatted today, divided into slates "A" and "B."

Slate "A" includes the new tribal council that took over on April 12th, including Vice Chair Latisha Miller, Secretary Andrew Alejandre, Treasurer Ambrosia Rico, and Member at Large Natasha Magana.

Slate "B" makes up the tribal council as it was before April 12th, including then Vice Chair David Swearinger, Secretary Geraldine Freeman, Treasurer Leslie Lohse, and Member at Large Allen Swearinger.

Those members of the tribe, along with at least 70 others, were told by Chair Andy Freeman they were no longer a part of the Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians because they did not have direct lineal ties to the tribe.

Soon after, Freeman, the new council, and the remaining members of the tribe alleged embezzlement in the millions of dollars by members of Slate "B."

One tribal member casting their ballot said he voted for Slate "A" today and moved from Redding to Red Bluff because of this tribal dispute.

"I normally didn't participate too much," said Juan Simmons. "I've always lived out of town and did my own thing. I only recently got involved because of disputing going on and now it's important to get involved."

One member of Slate "B" declined to speak on camera.
Organizers of this election, TrueBallot, say they have a three part process that ensures a speedy count and transparent auditing.


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