Tres Hombres & Mr. Pickles Opening Soon

May 18, 2010 7:43 PM

"We're going to be back hotter than ever," Tres Hombres owner Michael Thomas stated.

He had hoped to reopen on Cinco de Mayo, but now says the restaurant will be offering its popular menu come August. All the same favorites will be offered, although, customers will notice a few subtle changes to the scenery. "You can't be closed for eight or nine months and be exactly the same but the physical layout is going to be the same. We've got some different colors in mind, maybe some different tiles, we've got a couple few little things in there that we're going to work on," Thomas explained.

Other renovations include fixing up the furniture and possibly building an outdoor patio if approved by the city. The patio would seat about fifty people for outdoor dinning and drinks. "I think the element of outside dining in general is really a nice thing and we have such a beautiful downtown and it would be really nice to see it and it would be nice to see it evolve through out downtown as a whole," Thomas said.

Many community members say they can't wait for the restaurant to be back in business! "They had good food but the atmosphere is fun and the location is great. I work at the university so this is a place that's fun to come after work or a lunch stop, any of the above, you know, it's just been missed," Chico resident Brenda Lema stated. So too, has the Mr. Pickles shop right next door. It's expected to open in late July or early August.

The Chico City Council discussed allowing Tres Hombres to serve alcohol on the patio at Tuesday night's meeting.


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