Tree removal marks new beginnings in Weed

Nov 4, 2014 11:58 AM by Joe Moeller

Chainsaws echoed through the town of Weed Monday, marking a fresh start for the town ravished by fire in September.

Kathy Besk stood by as over 35 trees were torn out of her property. "It is something that needs to be done all the trees that are so burned." says Kathy Besk. She said it's sad to see all the trees go, but it's a good sign for the community. "This is pretty much the end of clean up, these are the last trees to go down and then our property will be clear to build again."

CalRecycle crews are working to remove roughly 450 burned trees over the next week and a half. "A number of the trees depending on the heights will be removed, they are called hazard trees, those trees could die and then fall." says CalRecycle Chief Operations Manager Todd Thalhamer.

Cal Recycle crews are being assisted by an arborist who is responsible for assessing each tree and determining what needs to go. He says the wind in Weed has the potential to make hazardous situations worse.

Residents with hazardous trees were given several options if they wanted to keep the trees on their property they could or they could be turned into fire wood. Besk says it is bittersweet, but needs to happen.

Once crews finish clearing the hazardous trees, they plan to move into the last phase of erosion control. Thalhamer says crews are on schedule with the cleanup efforts and he hopes Cal Recycle will be completely done in Weed by Thanksgiving.


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