Tree Nearly Falls on Chico State Student

May 18, 2013 11:13 PM

Several Chico State students were setting up for a yard sale to get rid of furniture before next week's graduation and move home, when they heard a tremendous cracking noise. Senior Greg Pinero says it sounded like an earthquake. He says, "It was a crack, very loud. I heard it, the neighbors heard it, they heard it three blocks away and came running out to see what happened." Rianne Thomas was in the front yard when she heard the loud crack, and knew what was about to happen, so she ran for her life. She says, "I heard it crack, so we took off running. I didn't have time to strategize, I wanted to live." The massive oak damaged part of the kitchen as it tore the wall, broke the fence, part of the roof, and landed on two cars. Pinero says it also ruined some of their furniture that was to be sold in the yard sale. He says, "We were trying to move out. This puts a damper on our plans." Tree experts say it's important to keep heavy branches trimmed, and have a professional assessment to determine if a tree is unstable.


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