Trayvon Martin Vigil in Oroville

Mar 27, 2012 6:20 PM

" We wanted to be in solidarity and we stand as you can see hooded together," said Butte County NAACP President Irma Jordan. And they're hooded together to show their support for slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin. Martin was shot and killed more than a month ago in Sanford Florida by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman. " Absolutely outraged about what has taken place. We understand this guy actually chased this guy down, nothing short of an assassination," said Oroville resident Kevin Thompson.
The investigation of the shooting has drawn national attention, and has sparked everything from school walk outs and protests, to marchers by the thousands wearing hoodies. announced the online petition calling for Zimmerman's arrest is the fastest growing petition in internet history. Here in Butte County, the call for justice is just as strong. " We as parents and those who are not parents need to consider it could have been your child, it could have been someone you know," said Deborah Thompson. Ruby Thomas adds, " I have sons, I have sons that could be in this same situation".
The Butte County NAACP organized Monday's vigil. Various groups throughout the county have joined in the cause including Youth for Change, The African American Family Culture Center, and the Black Historic Society. Members are hopeful the vigil will ignite a plan for change. " We need to stop profiling our kids and keeping them in a box, they should have every freedom as everyone else," said Thomas.


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