Traveling cyclists help build Chico home

Aug 6, 2014 7:23 PM by Jason Atcho

A group of young cyclists with the non-profit organization called Bike & Build has been traveling across the country from coast to coast, stopping along the way to help build homes for deserving families.

The group of 32 young adults started their journey in Charleston, South Carolina in May helping build homes along the way. Yesterday, in the midst of all the rain, they rode into Chico. "We travelled about 3,800 or 3,900 miles to be here in Chico and we finish in five days. Our total trip is 82 days so we've been on the road for 76 days, so it's kind of crazy to be so close to the end," said Molly Junck, one of the trip leaders.

After being on the road for months, they're excited to be in the home stretch and start working on their final project. "This is our last one so this is a really special day for us and we've got a lot of really neat projects going on so everybody's having a really good time," said Junck.

Besides raising $170,000 to contribute to affording housing across the country, the group says the best part is the personal experience. "A service experience this significant really changes you and makes you want to get involved for the rest of your life just because living off the generosity of other people and contributing in such a big way is so cool," explained Junck.

Habitat for Humanity of Butte County says they're grateful for all the help from Bike & Build. "It's nice to have this infusion of energy, and lot of young energy, and they're excited to do this work for us today. You can tell by talking to some of the folks that it really makes a huge difference to them to know that they're contributing something to this community and we're really grateful to have them with us," said Nicole Bateman, Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity of Butte County.

They hope that this is a relationship that will continue for years to come. "We have projects for next year for them as well, so we're looking forward to that," said Bateman.

The group gets help along the way with food and housing. In Chico, they've been staying with St. John's Episcopal Church and tonight Sierra Nevada will be hosting dinner for them.

The group will be ending their 82-day trip in Santa Cruz in just a few more days.


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