Trappist Monks Venture to Brew Beer

Aug 10, 2010 6:35 PM

"We're very excited about the possibility of working with Sierra Nevada, it's a very dynamic company" said the Abbot of The Abbey of New Clairvaux Father Paul Mark Schwan. Monks from The Abbey of New Clairvaux in Vina are hopefull their new adventure with Sierra Nevada Brewery will be a prosperous one. The monastery has recently teamed up with Sierra Nevada to create three Belgian style Abbey Ales which will be modeled after old Trappist style recipes and traditions.
"Hopefully it's a win win project for both of us. It's a fun thing for us on the brewing side and hopefully it will get them some recognition" said President of Sierra Nevada Ken Grossman. The three types of ale a Belgian-style dubbel, a saison and a quadrupel will be offered at different times in accordance with the season. The beer will be brewed at Sierra Nevada and distributed through high end stores, the brewery as well as the monastery. "We are hoping that certainly Sierra Nevada will be successful in creating this ale with our assistance" said Father Schwan.
While the monks certainly don't consider themselves beer connoisseurs they are prolific wine makers, having won several awards over the past few years. After brushing up on the Belgium style of ales that Trappist Monks have been brewing for centuries, they hope their beer will prove the same. "We're confident that this is going to continue to be true with these new ales that are manufactured at Sierra Nevada"
A portion of the proceeds will go directly to the monastery. The monks hope to use the money to assist their ongoing project in rebuilding the 12th century Santa Maria De Ovila Chapterhouse on it's grounds.


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