Trainers say SeaWorld is committed to orca care

Mar 17, 2016 8:06 PM by News Staff

The incoming president of the International Marine Trainers' Association says nothing will change in the care for SeaWorld's orcas.

Grey Stafford says SeaWorld is still committing to decades of caring for its killer whales. He says zoos and aquariums change their management plans for different species over time as they re-evaluate their resources, so SeaWorld's decision isn't that unusual.

Stafford says what is unusual is the pressure on SeaWorld from the fallout of the film "Blackfish."

Stafford is a former SeaWorld trainer. He says repeated airings of "Blackfish" by CNN in recent years have continued to spread lies about the industry.

Stafford says SeaWorld's announcement Thursday is "a sad day for those of us who love and care about orcas because of places like SeaWorld."


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