Toxicology report in for stolen Chico dog

Mar 11, 2014 5:25 PM

According to the Facebook page, ‘Bring Cody Home’, Cody died of a massive heart attack, despite all of his organs being in great condition.

According to the Facebook post Cody had been dead for approximately 24 hours before his body was found and the vet said that it was either digatalis, or a plant or berry that would cause a massive heart attack in a normal, healthy dog.

In January, Cody’s owner, Beth Koch saw a white van driving erratically away from her home on Rio Grande Drive in Chico at the time her dog Cody went missing. Although Koch did not see Cody inside the van, the timing of Cody’s disappearance and the van speeding away have led investigators to believe the van was involved. A week later, Cody was found dead in Koch’s backyard with no obvious signs of trauma.

Click here to view the Bring Cody Home Facebook page.


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