Town Council appoints new councilmember to fill vacant spot

Jan 17, 2014 8:15 PM

The Paradise Town Council has quickly filled the recent vacancy on the town council. The Paradise Planning Commission Chairperson Jody Jones will fill the slot. The vacancy was created by the resignation of Councilman Tim Titus. Jones will be sworn in at the beginning of the next regular Town Council meeting on Tuesday, February 11, 2014, at 6pm.

Mrs. Jones, a 10 year resident of Paradise, has served on the Paradise Planning Commission since May 2011. Her husband Ron is a local Farmers Insurance agent. According to a news release today, the Council chose Jody because of her impressive resume and experience. Jody Jones is the Director of Caltrans, District 3. She has a degree in Public Service/Political Science from UC Davis and extensive degree course work in transportation planning, urban administration, environmental planning, economics and business management. She also has experience in General Plan and Local Land Use Planning, Urban Planning, Financial Management, with extensive leadership/management experience.

Jody has 34 years of experience working with local agencies on transportation and land use issues, including General Plans, Regional Transportation Plans, Project Planning and Environmental Compliance.

Mayor Scott Lotter said in a statement, "The citizens of Paradise and the Town Council are very fortunate to have someone with Jody's experience serving on the Council. In addition to her leadership on our Planning Commission, her position as Caltrans District 3 Director takes her all over the north state, she knows council members, supervisors and staff everywhere. Her insight into the CEQA and environmental processes will be really helpful to the council and Town staff."

Jones plans to retire from Caltrans at the end of 2014. The council appointment of Mrs. Jones is for the remainder of Titus's term which will end in December 2014. The council will have two seats up for consideration at the November 4, 2014 general election, that of Jody Jones and Mayor Scott Lotter.


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