Tower Mart & Residents on Godman Ave in Chico Were Evacuated After a Bomb Scare

Aug 10, 2013 3:06 PM

The Butte County Bomb Squad was called out to the Tower Mart on the corner of Godman Ave and Lassen Ave in Chico Saturday morning after receiving a call about a grenade in a mans truck. The man was cleaning his fathers house when he came across a box with an old WWII grenade in it. His father is a veteran from the era. The man was on his way to take the box to the fire department when he saw a police officer driving by. He waved him down to tell him about the device. The officer then called the bomb squad. Chico Police Officers assisted in blocking off the area and controlling traffic. While a Squad member was searching for the grenade in the box he found another one. The bomb squad took both the grenades to a secluded area in the county to blow them up. Tower Mart was able to reopen and residents were let back into their homes after the bomb squad drove away with both devices secured.


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