Three Explosive Devices Found at Pleasant Valley High School

Aug 2, 2011 7:39 PM

A scary scene at Pleasant Valley High School early Tuesday morning. Police were called out to investigate bomb like devices found on the campus. " We would loosely call it a molotov cocktail type device, which was a container with what appeared to be gasoline and some sort of a wick attached to it", said sergeant Rob Merrifield with the Chico Police Department.
The three molotov cocktails or fire bombs were discovered by construction workers which are installing solar panels at the school. The homemade devices were found near the basketball courts next to the schools new auditorium. Police say none of gasoline-filled bottles were thrown at buildings, but one had been lit. But workers for Chico Unified School District say this isn't the first time these devices have been found on school grounds. " This is actually the second, we had several years ago a similar incident at Emma Wilson Elementary", said Chico Unified Maintenance & Operation Manager.
Police say experimenting with these types of explosives is extremely dangerous, especially since websites like YouTube display videos on how to make them. " The fact that you're following those instructions could cause you the person trying to put it together to get seriously hurt, so it doesn't seem like the brightest activity to me", said Merrifield.
Police say luckily no one was injured from the devices and the school was not damaged. Police have obtained surveillance video from the school and will be watching it Wednesday Morning in hopes of spotting the suspects.


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