Three Car Accident Outside Lassen View Elementary School

Dec 3, 2010 7:39 PM

"We're very sad for the little girl, but we're very happy that the injuries were not anymore serious than they are," says Lassen View Elementary School Principal, Mancill Tiss. Still, 10 year old Emily Barajas sits in Enloe Medical Center with major injuries. The Lassen View student was in her father's SUV leaving school Thursday afternoon. That SUV was struck by the driver of a Subaru, and California Highway Patrol Officers say that driver, 71 year old James Farris, was speeding about 60 to 65 miles an hour in a right hand turn lane just in front of the school.

Red Bluff CHP Officer Phillip Mackintosh says, "For some reason didn't realize where he was or where he was going and hurt some people fairly badly." Ferris hit the Barajas's SUV and sent it smashing into another vehicle. Emily, wasn't wearing a seat belt and was thrown from the SUV. Tiss says, "It was very scary."

School officials say there's a definite problem with speeding out in front of the school, even though 25 mile per hour signs are posted. CHP Officers agree. Mackintosh says, "Anytime that you're around a school you can never be too cautious. Children are of course our most valuable resource. I've got six and I know exactly how precious they can be." And for that very reason, Officer Macintosh says they should be buckled in every time they get in the car. "We want everybody to realize that by keeping their kids properly buckled up before their car is in motion, they can help keep them a little bit safer."


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