Thousands Still Without Power Across the North State..

Feb 26, 2011 9:03 PM

Snow and ice cover the roads of Magalia Saturday morning. Thirty-six hours have passed since Thursday nights storm, but the outcome has left a thick blanket of snow and ice on the roads, and many still without power. Aubry Thomassian from Magalia says, "It's a pretty big inconvenience. Especially at night time." Magalia resident Bethany Johnson says, "For pretty much the last 8 years it's the worst."

PG&E crews have been working tirelessly to repair the electricity. In the past 24 hours the number of power outages is down from 31,000 to now about 6,000 in the north state. But because of the amount of snow in lower elevated areas, crews are having a hard time repairing the damage.

PG&E Spokesperson Jana Morris says, "We will continue to work through the night; tonight and tomorrow and how ever long it takes."

PG&E crews from all over the state have come to help restore the thousands left without power, but it may still be a little while for some. Jana says, "There is a chance customers will be without power for 24-48 more hours. And even in some locations a chance that they could be out longer than that."

Besides power outages, the storm left heaps of snow, which covered cars, roofs, and driveways. Where some people even had trouble leaving the block. "I couldn't make it to Butte College because of how bad it was."


ut for now.. Some residents are trying their best to stay positive, and hoping for power as soon as possible. Bethany says, "We're managing. Were kind of used to it."


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