Things You Can Do to Prepare for the Upcoming Storms

Dec 17, 2010 7:29 PM

Chico Fire Inspector, Marie Fickert says, "We want to encourage people to be independent and be prepared to ride out the storm." As a series of wet, windy storms begin to arrive, emergency personnel are urging the public to be prepared for the worst.

Paradise Public Works Director, Dennis Schmidt says, "Certainly do not cross the road ways if the water is over them. There's nothing that important to have to cross that roadway to risk loosing your life over." Winds are expected to reach 40 plus miles an hour beginning at midnight. As they pick up, trees could start to topple.

Chico Fire Captain Brian Conry says, "Not only do you have trees into cars, but you have power lines down and everyone's got to treat those as live hot wires." Within your home, unplug or turn off all electric appliances if the power goes out. When power is restored your circuits may be overloaded and become a fire hazard. Also have a 72 hour disaster supply kit with items that are essential in any disaster. Brian says, "Water, rain gear, radio, flashlight, cell phone."


ther items should be included like food that won't spoil, a change of clothes, an extra set of car and house keys, a first aid kit, a can opener, and medication. Also don't forget to include food and water for any pets. And have a family emergency plan. If you have a cell phone, program emergency numbers as ICE, in case of emergency into your phone. That way emergency responders will know who to contact should you be injured. Marie says, "Always remember: be prepared, be safe, plan ahead."


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