Thieves rip off tires, mangle bumper at Westpark Plaza Apartments

Aug 12, 2014 6:17 PM by Brian Johnson

A man's car is left mangled after thieves rip off his tires while it's parked outside overnight.

Carlos Yaghoub said it happened sometime between 1am and 6am Monday morning at Westpark Plaza apartments.

He's lived there with his girlfriend for a week, and has only had his car for a few months.

In response to the crime, Westpark management put flyers on residents' doors, telling them they've seen an increase in theft and to be extra vigilant, especially as school will be starting again soon.

"I thought it was like a good area like I did not expect anything like this to happen," Yaghoub said. "Like I even left my doors unlocked sometimes at night. Nothing was stolen, and then one morning just come downstairs, and everything was gone."

Yaghoub said he filed a police report online, but also posted a fake Craigslist ad hoping to catch the thieves himself.


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