Thermalito Home Videos Stolen

Mar 29, 2012 8:27 PM

A Thermalito man has his valuable family videos stolen from his home. Now he's asking for the community's help, to get back these priceless family documents.

"It's something that's really priceless." The family's home videos. That's what was taken from a Thermalito home during a burglary last Friday night. The family was out to dinner, received a call from their alarm company.. and rushed home. "We got here as quickly as possible and just saw that some things were broken and doors were open and stuff."

And as this man, who wishes to remain anonymous, walked around his home, he found his fire-proof safe, filled with home videos, missing. "Monetarily it's really worthless to anyone.. It's just stuff that's all personal family stuff."

Along with the safe, he also discovered a few electronics were taken during the burglary. "All of that stuff is really irrelevant to me.. I just really want to get those movies back."

And so he has taken the matter into his own hands. Since the burglary, family and friends have put up fliers all around town offering a reward for anyone with information regarding the sentimental videos. Something Butte County Sheriff's Sargent Greg Reeves says, is a way to get the eyes and ears of the community on your side. "There's always hope. This specific incident we were able to gather some evidence that's workable and it's continued to be investigated."

As for the family, they really hope to find the tapes, so that those special family memories can continue to be shared with generations to come. "I would really like to sit down and watch that stuff with them and even their kids some day."

The family has put fliers up all over Oroville hoping, for some answers. If you have any information please call 403-6862.


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