The Success of 'Shasta County's Most Wanted'

Dec 11, 2013 7:42 PM

Since September, police departments throughout Shasta County have joined together as part of "Shasta County's Most Wanted" program.

So far 37 offenders have been arrested, and an additional 26 are still at large.

"At this point we're above 50 percent on the arrests," said Redding Chief of Police Robert Paoletti. "A lot of those have come from out of the area because people have left, most of them have come from citizen tips."

Citizens are encouraged to contact Secret Witness of Shasta County to drop tips about any of the "Most Wanted" subjects, and it has paid off.

"Have we caught and been instrumental in putting people in jail? Yes we have," said Secret Witness president Sharon Lassiter. "Some have been killers here in Redding in the past."

Chief Paoletti believes keeping the public informed about the wanted subjects is essential to the success of the "Most Wanted" program.

"I have 98 sworn officers," he said. "Anderson has 16, the Sheriff has their patrol. But we've grossly expanded who is looking for these people because we're educating the public about who is out there."

Lassiter also encourages the public to stay involved and informed.

"If you know of a person that has committed a crime, give us a call," she said. "You never know what might be the tip that puts someone in jail."

Although the program is successful, Chief Paoletti says there is still a lot of work to be done. He estimates there are over 600 criminals in Shasta County who have failed to appear for their court dates.


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