The North State celebrates Think Pink Day

Oct 15, 2015 1:37 PM by Mega Sugianto

The Nor-Cal Think Pink organization is celebrating on Thursday for its 19th annual Think Pink Day.

Doctors have said early detection of breast cancer save lives, since it affects approximately one in eight women in the nation.

According to the organization, cancer is the most common diagnosis leading to death in Shasta County, and breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women of every race or ethnic group in the state.

Some doctors said there’s some good news since there is a 98% survival rate when breast cancer is caught early.

Nor-Cal Think Pink was established in 1996 to promote breast cancer awareness.

Some advice from the American Cancer Society Guidelines for Breast Cancer Detection:

For women age 20 to 39:

-Every month: perform a breast self-exam

-Every three years: have a clinical breast exam by a doctor or nurse

For women age 40 and above:

-Every month: Perform a breast self-exam

-Every year: have a mammogram and a clinical breast exam by a doctor

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