The Hunter and The Farmer Food Truck

Jan 3, 2013 8:52 PM

It's a staple in big cities, street vendors cooking and selling food right out of their trucks.

And gourmet food trucks are also becoming popular in Chico.

Ross Field has more on the newest entry into what's becoming an increasingly competitive market.

Chico residents have a new place to dine, a drive through restaurant where the only driving is done by the owners.

"Her last name is Hunter, Jenna, my last name is Farmer, we can be the hunter and the farmer, it's meat and vegetables, that's what we serve," said Analise Farmer.

"The Hunter and the Farmer" is the name of the city's newest truck. It opened for the first time Thursday, and with fans already lining up for a taste.

"The flavor is delicious," said Robert Murphy.

"You know the first couple people came to the window, and it just felt natural, it just felt right," added Farmer.

Traditional fare isn't served here.

Hunter and Farmer are big believers in the paleo diet. It's an easy concept.

Eat the way our ancestors once did, foods that were not processed, modified or tampered with in any way, shape or form.

Hunter says it's how our bodies are meant to be fueled and she believes their food caters to everyone.

"We're putting a twist on traditional dishes," said Farmer.

Currently, the menu features A Half-Pound Meatball, Carnitas Taco Bowl, Shepherd's Pie and a Winter Squash Soup, all made with healthy ingredients, certainly not the so-called "roach coach" selections of days old.

"It's on the higher end of organic, fresh, local, which I haven't seen," said Murphy.

"I think the excitement is definitely there, the nerves are still there a little bit, you know because obviously it's a new venture for us, but we are pretty passionate about it pretty excited about it," said Farmer.

The Hunter and the Farmer told me that they hope to have another truck some day and maybe even a stand alone restaurant, but for now they're just rolling along and living out a dream.

"Hunter Farmer" food truck is the latest to open.

Recently, "Mayhem Grilled Cheese" began selling gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, and their popularity is soaring. In one month, they've gotten more than nineteen hundred likes on facebook.

And last year "Cupcake Crusader," which began as a food truck, was so successful it moved into a brick and mortar building on East Avenue .


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