The Cupcake Crusader

Jul 12, 2011 8:10 PM

Step aside Superman, move over Batman, there's a new superhero on the loose and she calls herself the Cupcake Crusader. " Me and my mom had sort of come up with the idea a longtime ago, seen other cupcake trucks and just sort of always a dream for us", said Cupcake Crusader owner Tia Zimmerman.
Zimmerman made that dream come true last October when she launched her mobile cupcake business. Zimmerman bakes from sun up to sun down and then delivers her delectable delights all over Chico. But this modern day Betty Crocker has more than just baking skills, she's got plenty of brains too. " I have a masters degree in library and information science, but with the economy being so bad, there's no jobs in the area for librarians", explained Zimmerman.
Zimmerman is Chico's only mobile cupcake baker, and she offer's up some unique recipes like sweet potato with brown sugar cream cheese frosting, dark chocolate with maple bacon frosting and key lime pie. "Probably my best seller is a chocolate peanut butter, it's a chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting and a peanut butter cup on top", said Zimmerman.
Not only are these cupcakes delicious, they're also works of art. And thanks to social networking sites like facebook, Zimmerman already has a huge following of people who crave her cupcakes. " I think that they're different from everyone else's cupcake and I just like the flavors, they're different from everyone else, she has a blog and she says where she'll be and What time and what cupcakes, I love them!!", said Chico residents Cole and Holly Butikofer.
Zimmerman updates her facebook page daily, listing her cupcakes of the day and location. And as her motto says, she's baking the world a better place... one cupcake at a time. " It always puts a smile of people's faces", said Zimmerman.


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