The City is Making Some Major Cuts To The Bidwell Park Services

Jul 3, 2013 1:13 AM

New developments in the city of Chico's ongoing budget problems specifically, news from the parks department that's sure to upset outdoor enthusiasts. Starting next week access to parts of Bidwell park will be seriously limited Monday through Thursday. The gate entrance that leads you up to Bear Hole and the gate to the children park Caper Acres are the two attractive areas that will be closed. $500,000 is being cut from the park division's budget leading to seven layoffs and closures that many find hard to swallow. Restrooms on the north side of one-mile and Cedar park will be closed. Reservations will not be available for major group picnic areas in Bidwell park. Two gates will remain open they are Wildwood Avenue gate which keeps upper park road open to middle and upper park facilities, and the fourth street park entrance gate to lower Bidwell park.
The gates to the parks will only be open Friday through Sunday. Those changes will begin Monday July eighth.


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