The Chico Gleaners Needs Help...

Jan 18, 2011 6:31 PM

The Chico Gleaners has been in operation for the last 33 years providing a safe and reliable place for those in need to get food. " It works out real cheap for them, it helps everybody out, some people can't work" explained Gleaners Vice President Don McClaskey.
Every Tuesday anyone over the age of 50 who volunteers with the organization for at least 6 hours a month and is in need of assistance can come to The Chico Gleaners off Nord Avenue and collect nearly 60 pounds of groceries. " A lot of these people are on a real fixed income, I know several ladies in here who have lost their husbands and they're only getting like 400-500 dollars a month" said McClaskey.
Over the last few years The Chico Gleaners has seen a big decline in donated foods. " Things are going down, and it's getting harder and harder to get food" McClaskey said. Its also seen a decline in members who are able to perform strenuous work, like picking fruit from local orchards. " They have to be 50 thou, but 50's better than 80 right/" said Nancy Bagley, who benefits and volunteers with the organization.
And for many, The Chico Gleaners provides more than just groceries. " It gives me companionship, friendship, and activity" said Alma Meinberg who has volunteered with the non-profit for the last 13 years. Nancy Bagley adds " Some of these people would probably go hungry you know, because it really helps".
If you would like to donate food to The Chico Gleaners or are interested in volunteering with the organization you can call 864-5025.


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