The Affordable Care Act: It's Kind of a Big Deal-Part Two

Nov 7, 2013 6:29 PM

California Vocations is a non-profit based in Paradise.

Nearly two weeks ago, they did what many companies see as the unthinkable, the last resort.

“We thought it was the best choice to cancel our group plans in favor of Covered California for our employees,” Executive Director Bob Irvine said.

Irvine said when the announcement was made, employees had a fear of the unknown; they had grown comfortable under their health insurance plans.

But before the decision was made, Irvine said they took a close look at the profiles of some employees.

“What we found is most are going to be either better or very close financially to what they're paying,” Irvine said.

Local insurance company Sweeney and Sweeney will begin helping those employees next week.

“It might look bad at first but until they qualify for a subsidy and meet with an agent, it could look OK for those individuals,” John Sweeney said.

Accucode Medical Billing represents local physicians in the North State. They bill patients, work with insurance agencies, and now, field more and more calls.

“We see how this has affected our clients, our patients, and our own employees. There's a lot of frustration and confusion out there with insurance rates and access to healthcare,” Phyllis Morgan said.

Morgan said patients need to focus on understanding the changes, and physicians need to focus on their eligibility and plan coverage.

But the dilemma, Morgan said, is this:

“We don't have enough physicians or providers coming to this area to accommodate all the new patients who are now going to have health insurance,” Morgan said.

Small business, those with 50 employees or less, do not have to provide coverage.

They can, however, participate in what's known as the shop exchange.

On December 4th, a workshop called "Affordable Care Act Healthcare and What It Means for Small Business" will take place at the Oroville City Council Chambers. That event starts at 10 a.m.

Also via Chico State Interdisciplinary Center on Aging:

The Interdisciplinary Center on Aging presents: The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has brought about some important benefits and protections for people with Medicare (65 year & older) and also for the “older adult/baby boomer” audience (60-64 years olds), who do not have access to Medicare yet but cannot afford insurance in the current marketplace. The November ICOA Coffee Connection will take place on Wednesday November 13 from 9:00am to 12:00pm. This is a FREE event and everyone is welcome to attend. Come in and join us at Colusa Hall 110. Register here:


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