Thanksgiving Traveling...

Nov 28, 2010 7:52 PM

Thanksgiving may be behind us, but the vacation is far from over for many as they hit the roads and skies making their way home. "All the family was here, and I was worn out" said Betty Pflug, a traveling Salem Oregon resident.
Just over 1.6-million Americans chose to travel by plane this Thanksgiving, up 3.5 percent from last year. Long lines were expected at airports due to a loosely organized opt-out-day of TSA's new body scanners. But TSA officials say just one percent of passengers requested pat downs over the scans. "I fly all the time for work and quite frankly you should want to be safe, the problem is that people feel uncomfortable" said Yuma Arizona resident JoJo Elliott.
But planes weren't the transportation of choice for Americans this year, 94 percent of all Thanksgiving travelers chose to hit the roads. According to AAA, 40-million Americans traveled by car for the holiday, that's up 12 percent from last year, making it this years way to travel. "It was better for us to drive rather than fly, and considering all that's going on now with flights it was an easy decision" said Spokane Washington resident Gary Proctor.
Motorists did see an average increase of 25 cents a gallon nationwide over last year's Thanksgiving fuel costs, but for most it was still the cheaper choice. Airfare was up 59 percent this holiday compared to last year.. keeping most Thanksgiving travelers grounded.


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