Texas police say they'll take new open carry law in stride

Dec 26, 2015 2:50 PM by News Staff

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Despite its trigger-happy reputation, Texas is late to the open carry party, at least for handguns.

Come New Year's Day, it'll be the 45th state to legalize wearing holstered pistols.

The relaxed rules passed the GOP-controlled state Legislature only after police groups defeated a provision backed by tea party conservatives and Democrats that would have barred law enforcement from asking Texas residents whether they have a license to visibly carry a gun.

But, with the new law now looming, some police say they'll refrain from asking to see the license of someone carrying a gun if they have no other reason to stop them.

Not doing so could avoid harassment lawsuits, even if it might also make it easier for unlicensed Texas residents to freely carry guns.

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