Texas lawmaker seeks Sriracha move from California

May 12, 2014 4:03 PM

IRWINDALE, Calif. (AP) - A Texas lawmaker is making a pitch to move Sriracha hot sauce production to his state from a plant in Irwindale, California, where some residents' complaints about its smell have led to city action.

Texas state Rep. Jason Villalba visited the plant on Monday and was greeted by owner David Tran.

Villalba tells KTTV-TV he'll try to draw distinctions between Texas and California in terms of taxes, regulatory climate and lawsuits.

The Irwindale City Council has tentatively voted to declare the plant a nuisance. A vote that had been delayed was rescheduled for Wednesday, but a staff recommendation urges that it again be postponed.

The flap over the popular hot sauce has led to numerous solicitations for the plant to relocate elsewhere in California or to other states.

Last month an Oroville business group made it well known, Oroville has a lot to offer the company and plans to continue courting the hot sauce’s ownership.

“Texas is courting them, many other places outside of California are courting them,” said Oroville Economic Alliance Director Michael Glaze. “And the message we're sending to David Tran, the CEO of that company, is how about us coming down and taking a look at Sriracha and how about you coming up and taking a look at Oroville.”

“Bring it on Texas, bring it on,” said Claudia Knaus, Oroville Chamber of Commerce’s President in an interview with Action News Now in April.

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